Thursday, 28 March 2019

Pop of Colour

Pop art is an art movement that began in the 1950s in Britain and United states. The movement was inspired by the pop of colours in print media such as advertisements and comic books challenging the traditions of fine art. Artists such as Andy Warhol demonstrate this in their famous pieces Portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Portrait of Mao Zedong.

Pop art picked up in other areas such as Interior design and fashion.

In Interior design, Pop art is considered to be very emotional and energetic and so is particularly close to young people who are ready to live in perpetual motion. The style is characterized by use of bright and contrasting colours. Different textures can also be used to bring out contrast.
With good use of balance, contrasting colours do not necessarily have to clash.  

Pop the Main Entrance
In modern interior design, main entrance pop has become quite common. Use of bright coloured doors against white or black walls on entry makes the entry pop. Solid wood doors with bright laminate finish and view glass panels can be used. To highlight this feature, one can also use a different coloured frame. This type of design works well in duplex developments or gated community estates where homes are generally the same design and colour. Having pop of colour on the different doors brings character. The colour can be picked based on the users’ personal interest or from surrounding elements such as flowers, furniture, rugs etc. or in signage as in the case below. Use of blue colour on doors and windows is largely observed in hotels in Greece, Santorini.
Pop the Entry way
The entry way is always the main point for meet and great. A while back, entryways were just a hall to walk through to the lounge but nowadays, they are a huge point of interest. They also serve an enormous role in final touch up and dressing before getting out of the house and also undressing while getting into the house. Hall tables have been designed specifically for this area. Hall benches can also be used for one to sit while prepping. To create interest, one can use a brightly coloured painting against a bold coloured wall with a black or white frame to highlight the art piece. Large patterns on the rug or carpet can also be used picking the same colour element as in the painting.
Pop the Staircase
The staircase is always one of the most difficult areas to design in the home. Its main function is like that of a corridor; to go through. In hospitality design, staircases are designed as features rather that a stump of concrete sitting in the middle of the reception. Decorative balustrades and marble or tile treads are used to make it stand out. In residential design, pop of colour on paint can be used. Patterned wall paper can also be used to accent one wall and create an interesting feature. A staircase carpet runner with bright colours makes a good feature as you walk up and down.
Pop the Lounge Area
The lounge area is one of the spaces where people spend most time in. Modern interior design appreciates pop art. However in spaces like this, toned down pop of colour is preferred as opposed to bright colours. The lounge area is used for entertainment, conversation or relaxation and therefore good choice of colour is very critical. Colours used should create an interesting set-up but should also prevent colour noise to serve its purpose adequately. Blue and mustard is always a winning combination. For balance, one should use bright colours on one item and tone down on the rest.
Pop the Kitchen
Interesting enough, the kitchen is one area people like to keep bright and exciting. Pop of colour can be used on paint colours, cabinet finish or back splash tiles. High gloss ceramic tiles are quite common and in fact is a current trend at the moment. Wall paper and paint are the easiest element to pop because they are the easiest to change when one gets tired of the colour. Toned down counter top and cabinet door finish should be used to keep the colours toned down. Decorative vases, mugs and crockery can be placed on open shelves to add interest.
Pop the Bathroom
Invention of water proof wall paper may be one of the most genius developments. Designers are now not limited to tiles and paint. Interesting dreamy wallpaper designs have come up to keep the bathroom interesting. Currently, tiles are only used within the shower cubicle and with proper extraction, paint and wall paper used on other walls.  With wall paper, ideas are limitless. Lining wall paper with texture is also a good option as one can paint their preferred colour on top.
Inspiration pour le Journee
A dull front hall gets a fresh update with paint!
Stylist Reiko Caron shares quick and easy tips on how to make a front entryway pop. Reiko instantly updated the space by painting the interior of the front door with Sherwin-Williams Refuge (SW 6228) — a grey-blue that’s traditional with a hint of country. The casual, laid-back shade brightened the space. Reiko also painted a large console table in Sherwin-Williams Nugget (SW 6697) — a sunny citrus hue — for a vibrant accent. An Aztec-inspired runner, greenery and a large painting completes the look.